Look what we have been learning about


The children have shown a big interest in dinosaurs since coming into school and they have been busy creating all things dinosaur!

They have been painting dinosaurs and making dinosaurs using boxes and tubes in the creative area. What amazing models!

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All About Me

As we have all been getting to know each other in our first two weeks back into school, the children have been painting pictures of their faces to introduce themselves to the rest of the school. We talked about the features of our faces, adding eyes, a nose, a mouth, hair and ears to our paintings.

Pizza Making

This week we made individual pizzas in Nursery. The children helped to chop the peppers, grate the cheese, spread the tomato puree and added their favourite toppings. They could choose from peppers, sweetcorn and mushrooms. Cheese pizza was a firm favourite! Yum yum in our tums!

Pop Stars

The children have been performing and being pop stars in the classroom. We made our own stage and added instruments and a microphone so the children could perform their favourite songs. What lovely singers you all are!

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Autumn Themed Painting

This week we have been exploring Autumn colours. The children have been using pom poms to print Autumn themed paintings in the Creative Area. Though we started with pom poms, the children soon began to explore other resources to print with, for example lids, ribbons and cardboard tubes. The paintings look amazing and they can't wait to experiment some more!

Halloween Stay and Play

This week we invited parents into the Foundation Stage unit to take part in a Halloween Stay and Play. The children were able to take part in activities with their parents all to do with Halloween such as printing pumpkins using apples, drawing Halloween pictures, making spiders using playdough and making Halloween bunting. The children had a fabulous time and we loved having parents in the classroom. Thank you!

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World War 1 Mini Topic

Over the next 3 weeks we will be learning about World War 1 as a whole school topic. In Nursery we will be learning about poppies in a variety of creative ways. The children have already made a large poppy for their hall display and have been creating their own poppies using paint and bottle tops. They have loved creating their poppies!


This week in Nursery we have been celebrating the Hindu festival Diwali. We watched videos of how Hindus celebrate Diwali and watched the story of Rama and Sita. The children watched Mrs Gohil dress Mrs Patel up in a saree and some Nursery and Reception children were able to dress up as well. The children have been busy making diva lamps, rangoli patterns and tasting indian snacks and sweets. It has been a fantastic week!