Look what we have been learning about

Our faces

This week we have been looking at our faces in Nursery. We talked about the shape of our faces and what the different parts of our faces were. The children then drew their own faces using felt tip pens and we displayed them in the classroom. Have a look at lovely pictures!

We love dinosaurs!

The Nursery children have loved playing with the dinosaurs this past week. They have been making dinosaur footprints with paint, making collages on big dinosaur footprints and on dinosaur outlines. They even made dinosaur houses using the big blocks in the construction area. We have also been looking at dinosaur books to see if we could match our toy dinosaurs with the pictures. What a busy dinosaur week we've had!

All About Autumn

This week we have been learning about Autumn and doing lots of craft activities with leaves. We make some collage leaves in autumn colours using tissue paper, we used foil balls to paint Autumn trees and even painted real leaves to make a display on the window. What fantastic art work the children have produced!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


This week we have been learning all about Diwali. The children have been busy making their own diva lamps, rangoli patterns using coloured rice and lentils and even making indian sweets.

Foundation Assembly

Nursery took part in the Foundation Stage Assembly this week. It was all about our toy topic. They have spent the last few weeks practising their songs and their lines and were very nervous to sing in front of the whole school. They did a fantastic job and loved having their parents come back into Nursery to have a biscuit and a drink with them. Thank you for coming :)

Making a road

This week our small world road disappeared! Mrs Patel suggested that Nursery make their own road for the vehicles. Together the children drew a road, added a park and then made some 3D houses. What great work!

Picture 1
Picture 2


Our Topic this term is Space. We started our week by reading the story 'Whatever Next!' The children have been busy making rockets for our Nursery Space display. They worked with Mrs Patel, Mrs Hussein and Amaarah to make 2D and 3D rockets. The children have made some fantastic rockets. Wow!

Africa Week

In school this week all the children have been learning about Africa. In Nursery we have been focussing on elephants and started our week with the story "Elmer." The children have been busy making their own small Elmers by sticking different colour tissue paper to make their own patchwork pattern on an elephant outline. They have also been helping Miss Gallagher and Mrs Patel to make a decopatch Elmer by using a paper mache technique and tissue paper. Here are some pictures of what we have been up to.