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Welcome to Read Write Inc.

Read Write Inc. is a lively and vigorous synthetic phonics programme that teaches children to read and write quickly and embeds basic phonic skills. It has proved to be very successful in our school.


What is Read Write Inc?

The children learn the 44 common sounds in the English language and how to sound blend for reading (decoding) at the same time as developing handwriting skills and spelling (encoding). Crucially, they read lively storybooks and non-fiction books with words they can decode, so they achieve early success in reading. As the children are taught to decode and encode, they are also taught to comprehend and to compose out loud. The quicker their encoding the more able they are to write what they have composed.


All staff have been fully trained in the effective delivery of Read Write Inc. The sessions are Monday to Thursday for 45 minutes each day (30 minutes in Reception until Spring 2). The children are grouped according to their phonic level across their key stage. Children are assessed every six weeks and new groups are formed on the basis of these assessments.  Children quickly move on and into different groups. Training has been updated recently and we now have a clear focus on children reading fluently prior to moving onto the next level not just the knowledge of sounds. When children reach certain levels they will be expected to read a certain amount of words within a minute depending upon the level the children are assessed at. This will improve fluency, understanding of what they are reading and enjoyment. 


Once children are 'off the programme' they go into Comprehension and Language and Literacy groups. 


What impact has it had so far?


Well in the Year 1 Phonics Screening test in 2012 only 29% of children passed; the year after we started doing Read Write Inc in 2013 this increased to 77% and in 2014 an amazing 92% passed.  In 2015 this went to 97% and then in 2016 83% of children passed.


If you would like to find out more about Read Write Inc then contact Mrs.Berry, our Read Write Inc. Coordinator.