Look what we have been learning about

This week the children in Nursery have been learning about the story Goldilocks and the Three bears. They played with oats in the malleable area, talked about size, re-enacted the story and tasted porridge. They even took part in a gummy bear experiment where they tried to predict what would happen to a gummy bear if we left it in water.

For Science Week our topic has been growing. Our story this week was Jasper's Beanstalk. The children loved listening to the story and using the different story scenes to re-tell the story in their own words.


Grow a bean in a bag experiment

The children wet some tissue, put it in a clear bag and added some beans to see if they grow. So far we are still waiting for any changes to occur.


Planting cress

The children wet some cotton pads, put them in the bottom of a cup and added some cress seeds. These have grown a lot and the children have loved watching the changes.


Learning about what plants need to grow

We read a story about seeds and what plants need to grow and the children then drew their own pictures representing the three things plants needed to grow - soil, light and water.


Sensory soil

The malleable area was set up with "soil", plant pots, tools and seeds for children to explore planting. They enjoyed discovering that our soil was made out of chocolate cake.

For World Book day this year we focussed on our story of the week - the Gingerbread man. The children acted out the story in the morning, made gingerbread men and read the story in their chosen place in the classroom. It was lovely to see the children dressed in the pyjamas and costumes.

Gingerbread Man Role Play

The children re-enacted the gingerbread man story which we have been reading all week. The children chose which characters they wanted to be, some having to be more than one, and they acted out the story together. They remembered the repeated refrains from the story and joined in with them, adding a little run round the classroom as part of the story.
Today we took part in the counting census. As a school we chose to count birds. Nursery children represented each bird they saw by collecting a cube. When we came back inside the children used the cubes to make a tower and then we displayed each of them like a bar graph. The children were able to identify which child saw the most birds and which child saw the least birds. 

Tasting spring rolls for Chinese New Year

Our first days in Nursery

Shape trains

This week we have been reading the story 'The Train Ride'. We talked about different shapes - squares, circles and rectangles and used them to make our own shape trains.
Our story this week is Whatever Next! We have listened to the story everyday and the children have been able to retell parts of the story in their own words. We painted our own rockets and learnt the names of some new shapes and used them to make rockets for our display.

Christmas cards

This week we have been exploring patterns. The children have been practising making their own repeating patterns using different pictures.
The children have been exploring the Art area this week by creating some Autumn tree paintings. The children dipped foil and folded cardboard rolls into red, yellow and orange paint and printed onto their paper to create a tree effect. Some children even discovered that mixing colours produced different colours.

Marvin Gets Mad and Farms

This week the children have read the story 'Marvin gets mad.' They have been busy exploring our farm small world and finding the best places for the animals to live and used their scissor skills to make their own farm animal stick puppets. The children have also been busy practising their balancing skills on our outdoor equipment.

5 Little Speckled Frogs

We have been learning the rhyme '5 Little speckled frogs.' The children sang the song and remembered to count their fingers and the frogs to check that they had the correct number. Some of the children were able to recognise the numerals on the frogs. The children also role played with the small world frogs, lily pads and their own little pool.

The Wheels on the Bus

We have been learning the rhyme 'the wheels on the bus.' We practised the song with the actions, sponge painted a bus and painted some wheels. We added pictures of the children to windows and stuck them onto our bus.

This week we have been learning about the Hindu festival Diwali. The children have made their own Rangoli patterns by sticking different coloured rice onto black card. They made their own firework paintings and made coconut barfis to take home.

They have listened to the story of Rama and Sita and watched videos about how Hindus celebrate this special festival.

The children dressed up for our Halloween party. They had some amazing costumes! We made chocolate covered apples with sprinkles and played some musical party games.

Kitchen Role Play

This week the children have enjoyed our malleable area being turned into a kitchen role play. They have baked cakes, made sandwiches, cooked vegetables and even learnt about some new foods they'd never tried before.

Self Portaits

This week the children have been painting self portraits. We talked about the shapes of our faces and the different features such as eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

You Choose

This week the children have read the story 'You Choose'. The children made their own stories by choosing what they liked best from each page. These are their stories.

Autumn Tree Painting