Our response to Covid19 situation

At Griffin Park School we acted very quickly to ensure our children did not miss out on their learning.  

We provided work books for Year 1 upwards immediately as lockdown commenced.  As it became clear that we would not be returning to school, the teachers worked very hard and have produced 3 lessons (minimum) a day on our online system Kidblog. 

Teachers and Teaching Assistants are able to communicate in live time with the children as they post their work up; checking on their well being and making sure they can still make progress within each subject. 

By June teachers sent home more home learning packs, which were linked with the upcoming online lessons. This was to further support the children at home, and enable children with limited access to devices or the internet opportunities to keep learning. 

Reception were then sent workbooks home too. 

Teachers also held weekly Zoom lessons, in order to catch up socially with the children.  These proved very popular. 

Teachers have checked on those children not engaging with their home learning, by calling weekly. 

Our vulnerable families were called weekly; twice weekly or daily, depending on the level of support they needed from our DSL. 


Keyworker children and vulnerable children were still able to attend school throughout the crisis.  When our school had to close, we worked with Witton Academy, as our hub school, to make sure we were able to keep on providing child care for those children. 

On June 22nd school reopened to children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. 

On June 29th we were able to open to Year 5 children.  15 of the 30 children wanted to attend. 

On 6th July we reopened to ALL year groups.  Children from Years 2, 3 and 4 returned to school.  


We value every child at Griffin Park and whilst we know that the months of home learning will have had a negative impact on our children, we did everything we could to make sure this was minimised.