Third Space Learning

Year 6 data for the children having Third Space 1:1 Mathematics sessions has been positive overall this year so far.  The children started in September and by February half term, when progress expected would be 3 steps an average of 4 steps was made by the whole class and 4.3 by the Third Space Pupil Premium children.

However, within this data there are some real highlights.  Two of the children have made 6 steps progress and one child 5 steps.  

As well as the data measures the class teacher and the HLTA who work with them have reported increased confidence; a developed love for Maths and some of he children have even said "I didn't like Maths before but now I understand it better and I look forward to the lessons!"

This has already been a really positive use of our PP money.  

11 children were chosen from Year 6 to have 1:1 tuition online, weekly for two terms.  The success of the engagement and understanding was so immediate that we purchased another 10 places for our Year 5 children.