Well-Being Warriors

Ten children have been part of a 10 week well-being programme.  They have met weekly; the first week they completed a self-assessment and on the week they completed it again to show progress in key mental-health and well-being areas.

Teachers also completed an evaluation. 

One child noticeably went from a score of only 1 on the following statements to 10; "I like it when people say nice things to me" and "I am happy with who I am".

One child identified that he had become more confident which was also noted by his teacher in class.

Children's comments about the programme:

"I like my life better now"

"I've learnt how to be calm"

"It taught me how to deal with my feelings"

"I can help other people when they are sad and tell them what I learnt at Well-Being Warriors"

Teachers comments about the programme:

"Will put their hand up more to answer questions"

"Work rate and focus has improved"

"Seems more confident"


We believe this has been a very successful spend of our Pupil Premium funding and will plan another course into next year's PP plan.