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Activity Week



Follow the above link to help us identify the trees in our local area!


Eid Mubarak


Hope all our Muslim friends and families had a lovely Eid. We are doing healthy foods on Monday so, in honour of our Asian heritage families in Year 6 I am going to try and make a healthy curry for us all. 

Check out these helpful videos from Third Space that can help you with your maths SATs


All Star - Smash Mouth [Lyrics]

'All Star' by Smash Mouth. All to sing

Bad Reputation - Joan Jett / with lyrics

Shrek - Bad Reputation (Dance Routine)

Blondie - One Way or Another (Lyrics)

The lyrics to One Way or Another by Blondie. All to sing.

Alexandra Burke- Hallelujah lyrics

Aaminah to sing - children to join in towards the end

Smash Mouth - I'm a Believer (Lyrics) (Shrek)

Here is the song I'm a Believer by SmashMouth. Donkey to sing.