Look what we have been learning about

Fantastic day learning and practising our navigational skills!

Wheelchair handball during activity week!

Learning a brand new sport - Handball!

Archery during activity week!

Fantastic time making tree god faces in our Forest School!

TJ brought in a First World War Gas mask for us to see and we had a fantastic discussion!

Experimenting with reversible and irreversible changes

Year 3 visit to test out and evaluate our Marble Runs!

Crazy Hair Day!

Crazy Hair Day! 1

Experimenting with mass and weight.

Finishing our marble runs!

A fantastic talk from the Interfaith Forum, learning about lots of different religions.

Using clay to make our dragon eyes.

Meeting "Harry and Megan" in The Mall on our geography field trip

Meeting "Harry and Megan" in The Mall on our geography field trip 1

Testing the strength of our home-made concrete mixes.

Our geography field trip to Blackburn. We were researching the public's opinions of the market and bus station changes.

Using different ratios of materials to make concrete in science. We are trying to find out what the best mix for strength is.

Experimenting with different materials to find out their properties in science

Making our marble runs in DT

Choreographing our own sequences and practising them in gymnastics

Using scientific methods to separate the contents of a witches brew!

Quick-fire number bond revision

Problem solving investigation in maths. Can you make 1500 by adding 3 x 3-digit numbers together, only using the digits 1-9?

Learning how to use Bunsen Burners safely at Witton Academy

Using reasoning to find missing numbers on a number line

Partitioning and exploring the features of numbers

Our assembly on the Maya

Interviewing our crayons from "The Day the Crayons Quit"

Still image for this video

Practising our debating skills in class!

Writing workshop with author Alicia Wright

Number investigation work.

Hot seating our Crayons from "The Day the Crayons Quit"

Place Value practical work

Learning about the properties of shape and reasoning about regular and irregular shapes


Learning and playing the traditional African game, Mancala.

Testing out our African balls on the playground

Making footballs, African style!

Playing a traditional Kenyan maths game called Shishima

Learning about and experiencing apartheid.

Playing a traditional African sport Dibeke in PE

African Drumming

Drumming video

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Writing our own African Fables

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Learning about places of worship and their features.