Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Useful Information


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! This term will be very busy with lots of exciting things to learn and experience.

Our English work this half term will focus on a book by Phillip Pullman called 'The Firework Makers Daughter', we will be using this text to help us write our own stories. 

In Maths we will be starting off looking at Roman Numerals and learning the value of them. The rest of the half term will be focusing on fractions using our reasoning skills to help us deepen our understanding of the concepts.

In our History lessons this half term we will be looking at the Ancient Civilization of the Shang Dynasty which existed in China from 1600 BC to 1046 BC.

For our Science lessons we will continue visiting Witton Park Academy and using the labs to explore our States of Matter topic. We will be looking at states of various solids, liquids and gases and observing what happens to them when they are heated or cooled.


As always, please ensure your child brings their school bag every day. This includes their reading diary and reading book. Reading books will be changed by your child when necessary once their diary has been signed by someone at home to say that they have heard them read. If you could try and listen to your child often, this will help their development tremendously. Little and often is perfect, a few pages at night would be ideal.


PE days will be Tuesday and Thursday every week. PE kits will need to be in school and ready for use as soon as possible. A reminder that two PE kits are necessary; the ordinary school kit for indoors and warm sports clothing for the outdoors.


Homework will be sent home each Friday. It will be  maths task and a comprehension exercise. Also there will be weekly spellings to learn and times table facts each week too.

A reminder that school funds are still being collected. A donation of 50p per week would be much appreciated to go towards school trips and resources.

Hopefully this information helps but if you ever need to speak to me about anything at all then I am readily available for you to chat to.


Kind Regards

Mrs Filder and Mrs Cameron-Clarke

We had a wonderful Christmas party!


PE will take place on a Tuesday and Thursday.  

PE kits include black shorts, black pumps and a white t-shirt.


Reading books will be changed as and when the children have completed their book and diaries have been signed by an adult.


Homework will be given out every Friday to be returned the following Thursday.  The page numbers for the work to be completed will be written in the spelling books.





Why not have a sneak preview at some of the topics coming up next term, you'll be a whizz in no time!





Useful websites

Times Tables


Times tables are a valuable part of learning in maths, here are some of the songs we listen to in class crying

3 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!

4 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!

6 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!

7 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!