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Thursday 22nd March

Thursday 22nd March 1 Nine very healthy ducklings!
Thursday 22nd March 2
Thursday 22nd March 3

Boo hoo! cool 

Our final afternoon holding and letting the ducklings explore our 'village'.  We had to say goodbye to our lovely ducklings today as they're heading off to the allotment.  We joined the Reception ducklings and the Year 3 ducklings together in one large brooder box ready for their trip.  They will have lots of lovely space to roam free and have a nice pond to forage and swim in.  (They won't go outside yet until they are stronger and older; they still need the warmth of the indoors and a heat lamp).

Wednesday 21st March

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Wednesday 21st March 8
We've had a lovely day with our gorgeous ducklings; we'll just have them for half of the day tomorrow and then they'll go home with Mrs Hardy for a while before they head to the allotment.

Their first proper swim!

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Tuesday 20th March

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Tuesday 20th March 17
We tested out our wonderful duck houses today and the ducks seemed to love them; Ivona's and Charlie's paddling pools were very popular.  Thank you to all of you who have made the duck houses for our Duck Village-they look fantastic and the ducks were impressed!

Duck Village

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Monday 19th April

9am Reception's little duckling was returned to Reception Class and they were eggstremely eggstatic to have her back!

11.30am All our ducklings are doing fantastically well and we've let them have a paddle in the paddling pool, we also had another hold today and even managed to feed some of them out of our hands.  Looking forward to tomorrow to test out our Duckling houses (homework) and see how they enjoy their first proper swim!

Saturday 17th March

Saturday 17th March 1 They're all fine and the little one is doing well.

Our first paddle at Mrs Holden's house!

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We loved our paddle; we got so eggcited when we got into the bath. Although Mrs Holden was glad she has a lot of Dettol; as soon as we got in the water we went to the toilet!

We got dried off before we got back into our brooder box.

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Friday 16th April

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Friday 16th April 30


8.50am Unfortunately there haven't been any developments overnight with Reception's two eggs; the one that looked like it was ready to hatch appears to have died in the night as the crack has not got any larger and we've not seen the beak move and the other egg hasn't moved or cracked at all!  cool


However, our five ducklings are doing brilliantly and we gave their brooder box a good clean out and we had our first ever hold today too!!


3.15pm GOOD NEWS!!!!

There is a sign of life in Reception's fourth egg and he/she has just hatched (although very weak) so it will be going home with Year Three's ducklings and Mrs Holden, then he/she will join its Reception siblings on Monday morning; providing it's survived. Fingers crossed!no


7pm The fourth little duckling seems to be doing ok; he's sat on Mrs Holden's knee with a hot water bottle ready to watch Emmerdale and Coronation Street.  Later on tonight; all being well, he'll join the others under the heat pad. 

The other babies are settled in for the night too and looking forward to their first paddle in the bath! 

Reception's fourth baby-fingers crossed he/she survives!

Reception's fourth baby-fingers crossed he/she survives! 1 In the incubator.
Reception's fourth baby-fingers crossed he/she survives! 2 What's that inside the tea towel?
Reception's fourth baby-fingers crossed he/she survives! 3 Peek a boo!!
Reception's fourth baby-fingers crossed he/she survives! 4

Thursday 15th March

Thursday 15th March 1
Thursday 15th March 2
Thursday 15th March 3
Thursday 15th March 4
Thursday 15th March 5
Thursday 15th March 6
Thursday 15th March 7 Our five beautiful babies!

8.50am What an eggventful night we had........ we arrived at school and one of Reception's ducklings had hatched along with 2 of ours!  We are soooooo lucky we've had all of our ducklings hatch and they appear to be healthy too; we weren't expecting this as nature can change things! 

Reception's two ducklings have been transferred into their brooder box this morning.  (The one we looked after overnight did really well and became much stronger when it had some company).


10.15am  Reception's third duckling hatched just as we were going out to play and Reception came to have a look at their new arrival.  (Two of their ducklings are doing well in their brooder box so far and their third will join them when he or she is strong enough).  There are still no signs of pipping in their other 2 eggs that are in the incubator but we'll keep our fingers crossed!!!!


2.30pm  Two of the ducklings joined the rest of our brood and Reception's duckling joined theirs too.


3pm Reception's fourth egg has a large crack so hopefully they will have a nice surprise in the morning!


Wednesday 14th March

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8.50am We came in this morning and discovered all 5 eggs had started pipping and some of the cracks had formed into small holes.  Some of us even spotted the beak poking through as the duckling was chipping away at the shell.


12.00pm Wow one hatched just before we went to get our lunch!

2.30pm What an eggventful afternoon; whilst we were out performing our gymnastics two more hatched!


3.10pm Reception Class have had a problem with their incubator not getting warm enough so one of their ducklings has joined our 3 in the brooder box and their four eggs are now in the incubator with our last two!


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Our Ducklings

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Tuesday 13th March

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Tuesday 13th March 6
How eggciting! Ollie saw another egg had pipped when he walked through the Classroom after his dinner!  (Four in total).  A couple of the eggs now have 2 cracks too!  Fingers crossed for some more news when we come to school in the morning!
Wow, we came in this morning and noticed two eggs had started to 'pip' (crack).  Later on in the morning Kenzie G noticed a third one had got a crack in it too!

Monday 12th March

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Monday 12th March 6
We had an eggtremely eggciting delivery this morning-5 duck eggs arrived inside an incubator and hopefully we will get some babies on Wednesday or Thursday!

We took part in the RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch!

African Drumming

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African Drumming Finale

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