Look what we have been learning about

What will we be learning this half term?


Our theme this half term is 'Water Water', we will be exploring the water cycle as well as rivers and then how we get water at home. Throughout this topic we will be doing practical activities to aid our understanding as well as map work and research.


During our English lessons we will continue the theme of water, starting by writing our own Kennings poems on water. We will then move on to read and explore the story 'The Mousehole Cat' using it to help us write our own story.


In Maths we will be focusing on the four operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) children will be using concrete resources to help aid their understanding and reasoning. 


During Computing lessons we will be focusing on e-safety, how we can use the internet and computers safely.


In Science we will be finishing our work on sound before moving on to look at Living Things and their Habitats, exploring habitats in our local area and creating classification keys to record our observations.




Book Week 2018 


This week we have had book week across our school, in year 4 we have been exploring the work of Peter Reynolds a children's writer and illustrator. We have been focussing on his book 'The Word Collector' it explores the magic of words and how we can use words for good in our world. 


The children have been busy all week creating their own versions of the story from scratch, even folding their own pages to create their children's picture book. 

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Science at Witton Park


Every Friday morning we have been walking up to Witton Park Academy for our Science lessons. Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on the skills of working scientifically this means we will be planning experiments, predicting, collecting results and thinking about what this tells us. 

Have a look at us in action!

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We have started a new unit as we have completed our research on China. We are going to be exploring music making software over the next few weeks, however we started using Isle of Tune today. This website enables you to create a piece of music using elements of an island, children build up a picture that then creates music when played back. The children had a great time experimenting this afternoon (6.2.18). Why not have a go at home and see what else you can create! (Make sure you ask an adult first before using the internet).




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