At Griffin Park Primary School, our Computing curriculum aims to equip children with the skills and knowledge they need to use an array of rapidly developing technology safely, responsibly and creatively, for work, in the home and beyond. It should inspire a love of design, code and invention using technology.

Computing encompasses problem solving, learning from mistakes, developing independence and collaborating with others. It is increasingly cross-curricular in that children will develop skills in computing and apply them to their learning in a range of other subjects.

We believe that our curriculum for Computing will excite and interest all children. They will partake in a range of exciting creative activities and open-ended challenges based on the essential requirements of the Computing program of study. This incorporates:




Our curriculum for Computing will ensure that children:

  • Have a basic understanding of coding and how the World Wide Web works
  • Evaluate online information carefully and become social media aware
  • Understand online safety rules and know how to report and block anything that concerns them
  • Are proficient at word processing and other aspects of formatting documents
  • Can create visually engaging content in order to present their learning to others
  • Experience online collaboration, using digital communication tools

Online Safety

Children today are growing up in a digital world and it is crucial that they recognise the benefits of using technology, while remaining alert and aware of the dangers that can be posed online. They must develop  responsibility for their own online behaviour in order to maintain online safety and make a positive contribution online, in a digital world. At Griffin Park, we recognise that online safety is an increasingly important aspect of digital literacy, and therefore it is taught in stand-alone lessons on a regular basis each half-term.