Look what we have been learning about

We had our first gymnastics lesson with Coach Sam today and we did really well!

We've been to visit Mill Hill's Library and learnt all about the facilities there are there. We enjoyed having a look at a lot of books too!

In reading we've been learning how to segment and blend reliably and we've been trying to improve our fluency too.

In Art we've learnt Kandinsky made concentric circles, we then tried colour mixing and producing our own abstract art.

In Maths we've been learning all about tens and ones in two digit numbers. We have been partitioning numbers and we have learnt how to work out one more than a number too.

In History we've been learning about Remembrance Day and the significance of the poppy. We went on a walk to see the War memorial and laid our own poppy wreath ready for 11th November.

In History we've been learning about Guy Fawkes and we had our own firework fun today too! Have an exciting and safe Bonfire Night everyone!

In Science we have been looking for signs of autumn. What other signs have you seen?

Geography- we've been using OS maps to learn lots of different symbols. Some of us could find the town of Blackburn and other nearby towns.

English- we've been learning how to create a storyboard.

Maths- we've been learning all about the part whole model and how to partition numbers. Some of us have managed to write equations perfectly too!

Art - we have been learning about colours focussing on the primary ones.

Writing every morning :-)

We have been trying so hard to concentrate now we are in Year 1.  It is like Reception Class in some ways but we have more work to do too and Mrs Holden has been extremely impressed with us! :-)