A visit from the critters!

Mother’s Day stay and play

Chinese Rattle Drums

Chinese Dragons

Our Car Vehicle Models

Our First Nativity

Santa Came To Visit

The children have been having so much fun during their play this week, they have written and posted letters to Father Christmas, built a snowman on the interactive whiteboard, made Christmas decorations for their trees and even built a snowman out of toilet paper. 

Sand Play

Mathematics - Let's Get Counting

Shaving Foam Fun

During our Autumn 2 term, the children have been involved in various mathematical counting activities. Support their fine motor development, recognition of numbers and identifying the amount of objects to a number.

Mark Making Outdoors

The children have been working extremely hard to write their own names, ensuring that they form every letter correctly. To make it more fun we used shaving foam and our fingers. Miss Weall showed us how to form the letters and we copied!

Sponsored Welly Walk

We dressed up in our costumes to raise money walking around our school. While on our walk we were able to listen out for environmental sounds we hear everyday. The children even found lots of puddles they could jump in and have fun.