Look what we have been learning about

Birds in the trees

Programming on Scratch

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We had to animate our names!

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We are really enjoying doing gymnastics with Coach Sam, some of us even managed to climb the rope!

We have drawn bird nests in art using different mediums.

We made our own desk tidies in D.T!

Testing materials to see if they are an insulator or conductor.

Science Week work!

For our last day of Science week, Mill Hill Dentist kindly donated some disclosing tablets and toothpaste so we could look at the plaque on our teeth!

Our finished studios, we discovered felt was the best material for sound proofing!

We planned an investigation into which material would be the best at sound proofing and started making our 'mini' recording studios!

We made string telephones with no instructions from Miss Lynch and then tested how effective they were!

For our first day of Science Week we looked at how sound is made and how the pitch of sound changes using instruments!

Making Christmas puppets, Miss Lynch was very impressed with our sewing skills!

Making our own printing objects from food and foam to create our cityscapes.

Addition with Base Ten

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A Science lesson looking at how instruments make noise