• Homework is set on Friday, and should be completed by the following Thursday. Children can come to homework club after school if they need support in completing homework.

  • Three options are given each week for homework, children can either:

  1. Do a little of each of the three options

  2. Split their work between two of the options, adding more detail

  3. Focus solely on one of the options, making it very detailed

  • It is extremely important for children to read regularly and to enjoy the books they read. We actively promote a love of reading at Griffin Park, and would like parents to do the same by ensuring your child reads and notes their progress in their reading record regularly (at least 4 times per week!)
  • Spellings are sent home to learn every Friday too. The test takes place the following Friday. Our spellings are based on a list of Statutory Spellings Years 5 and 6 in the National Curriculum that children should be able to spell by the time they finish primary school.

Some examples of excellent homework