Reading Books

Please try to hear your child read as much as possible; just 5 minutes a day can make such a difference.


Things listed below are the usual tasks required in Year 1.

Spellings/Maths Homework

These are sent home on Fridays to learn at home and then these will be tested on the following Friday.  Your child will have their blue book which needs to be sent in every Friday so the new spellings/maths facts can be stuck in.  I will also write your child's score in here too.


This is sent home at the end of every week in your child's green homework book and you have until the following Thursday to complete it.  You are able to choose what piece to do. 


Please remember in Year One all children take the Phonics Screening Test in June.  Please play games like snap and pairs at home with the common exception words/phonics words in the packs, then your child will stand a better chance of passing the test.  (I will give these packs out soon).  Remember phonics play is a good website to go on regularly to brush up on your phonics skills and there are different levels so your child can practise what's relevant for them.