School Council

Welcome to the School Council 2021-22!

Meet the counsellors:


Year 1: Henry & Imaan

Year 2: Georgie & Lola

Year 3: Luke & Evie

Year 4: Leland & Paige

Year 5: Dakota & Yahya

Year 6: Ashley & Macie

What have we been doing this year?



- We wrote to our local council about some of our concerns regarding damaged property, littering and dog waste being a problem on our school grounds. This led to some extra patrols being carried out by PCSO's at the weekends and out of school hours. 



- We have applied for a nature grant by the Postcode Lottery - we are awaiting news to find out if our application was successful.



- We are are on the lookout for some pen pals so that we can start to share idea's with school councillors from another school. Hopefully there will be more info to share about this soon...



- We have helped to choose some Eco Warriors for our classrooms. 



- We are currently working on an assembly to present to the whole school and our parents. Watch this space to find out more!

If you have any ideas for school council then please speak to Miss Astley or the councillors in your class.