School Council

Welcome to the School Council!




Griffin Park Eco-Code


Get active… move your body!

It’s important to save electricity.

Learn how to keep our environment safe.

Be responsible for your actions.

Everybody needs to be involved.

Recycle your rubbish properly.

Take care of our school!

What have we been doing?

School dinners

Our first mission as school councillors was to conduct a survey on our school dinners. From our findings we discovered that there was lots to be done. By conducting the survey and feeding back our findings to Mrs Clayton-Young we now have very exciting news....

The school dinners are being re-vamped, a whole new system will be coming to school that will ensure our dinners are the healthiest and tastiest that they have ever been. We are excited that we will be able to choose our dinners everyday or pop online and choose them at the weekend if we want to! 

Idea box

In every corner of school we have placed idea boxes so that all children can voice their opinions and suggest new things to keep our school amazing. We check these regularly and take the best ideas to Mrs Clayton-Young. Keep adding your thoughts and suggestions, you never know... it might just happen!


We now have mirrors in the school bathrooms. Thank you to all the children who suggested this in the idea box. The school council took your request to Mrs. Clayton-Young who liked the idea. Hope this helps keep us smart on picture days smiley