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Year 6 Chatty Letter


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back. I hope you had a lovely break. It was great to see some of the children during summer school. Year 6 is a crucial year for your children so I would like to take this opportunity to share a little bit of what is in store. Although there is a big focus on English and Maths due to SATs we try our best to deliver a well-rounded curriculum for the children and try really hard to make the year as enjoyable as possible. I do plan to do after-school boosters for the children. I strongly encourage attendance to these - the children that take advantage of the boosters make really good progress. In class there will be me, Mrs Rushmore and Mrs Cameron-Clarke. Mrs Cameron-Clarke will be working in class while Mrs Rushmore has children in her own classroom. Most children will have opportunity to work with Mrs Rushmore over the course of the year. The purpose of these sessions is for all children to maximise their potential and achieve as highly as possible, regardless of their ability level. Here is a view of upcoming topics for this term:


Maths: Place Value and four operations. We will use a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach - that means we go from practical learning, to a pictorial approach before, only when the children are ready, an abstract approach (purely number). It is vital that all children have opportunity for a practical approach and can form a picture of the maths in their minds. All the children will also have opportunities for reasoning and problem solving.


English: Fiction (Shakespeare including drama), Jounalistic Writing, Grammar: Revision Y2 - Y3

Maths: Place Value, Factors, Multiples and Primes, Addition and Subtraction, Geometry

Science: Classifying Critters and Staying Alive

Computing: Coding and Digital Music

RE: Christianity and Judaism

History: WW2

Geography: Where does our stuff come from?

Art: Drawing

French: Our School


What can you do to support your children’s learning?

- 30 minutes of homework per day set by teacher (Please bring in on Wednesday)

- Reading (they don’t need to read aloud to you but please sign their reading records regularly)

- Times tables rock stars (They love this and it is so helpful)

Best regards

Mr Howarth



We will be looking at Shakespeare plays and stories to begin with. The link provided will take you to SHAKESPEARE'S ANIMATED TALES. Have a look to discover some of his fascinating stories.