Look what we have been learning about

We had a good week in Year 6, and the children are setting fine examples as Year 6 children.

Keep an eye on this page for updates as the year progresses.

COMPUTING: Practising stop motion animation

SPELLING: Words with the "ch" letter string pronounced "K" or "Sh"

RE: Discussing the possible reasons why there are over 1750 mosques in the UK

Long Division Relay Maths : Interpreting Remainders

Investigating different types of paper in DT.

Role-Play some drama acting out the thoughts of the characters in our class book - The Lost Magician

An investigation into factors and multiples

The School of Military Week 6 - Fitness test and fire-lighting

Rules of divisibility in maths

School of Military Week Five: First Aid

School of Military Week 4 - Map reading skills

Lowry inspired observational art on a beautiful sunny day

Classifying creatures in science

School of Military Week 1