Look what we have been learning about

Making turkey burgers to a customer's specification

Science-Planning and running our own investigations into what happens to light when it hits different objects and materials.

DT: Making our final product (burgers), designed to a customer's specification.

A really interesting visit from international students who attend The Bible School

Making burger patties and sauces and then evaluating them.

Some fantastic moves in Yoga!

What a fantastic couple of days composing, and recording their own songs with William Thomson!

A really interesting visit from GO2, learning about the effect of drugs and alcohol on our bodies.

A fantastic family mathematical problem solving session. There were some very competitive parents :-)

Learning about inheritance,and investigating how we inherit features from both parents.

Making and decorating our kites

Learning about the work of Muslim Aid and Islamic Relief

Our first Yoga session with Miss Clemson

Head 2 Head Event at Blackburn Cathedral

DT: Testing our prototype kites to see which material is the most effective.

What do we know about decimals and how do they link to percentages and fractions.

Discovering how Gandhi, and India's strive for independence, affected the people of Blackburn

PSHE: Exploring different cultures through food. A fantastic session spent learning about and tasting each other's special food.

Maths: Team Problem Solving

RE: Investigating how Christians represent and worship God through art.

Making our our water-powered clocks in DT

Balanced Arguments

Still image for this video

Military Week 10 : How to stay hidden and Teamwork

Making our own compasses in DT

COMPUTING: Practising stop motion animation

SPELLING: Words with the "ch" letter string pronounced "K" or "Sh"

RE: Discussing the possible reasons why there are over 1750 mosques in the UK

Long Division Relay Maths : Interpreting Remainders

Investigating different types of paper in DT.

Role-Play some drama acting out the thoughts of the characters in our class book - The Lost Magician

An investigation into factors and multiples

Rules of divisibility in maths

Military Week Five: First Aid

Military Week 4 - Map reading skills

Lowry inspired observational art on a beautiful sunny day

Classifying creatures in science