Gilbert's Safety Report

Gilbert's Safety Report


If you're a child or parent at Griffin Park and have any safety concerns at all, whether in the real world or online, then click this link and report them to Gilbert.


smiley Gilbert is here to help you with your problems smiley



Do you have a concern about your own safety or safety of others at school. Is there something you need to get of your chest or something that you need help with? Please let us know below and we will do our best to support you. Leaving your name and contact is up to you. Leave off your name if you wish to remain anonymous.

Safety Squad


If you have any safety related concerns children will help you. They are trained to support and report on the folowing:


- Health and safety concerns

- Friendship and relationship issues

- Bullying (including Cyber-bullying)

- Online / Internet safety concerns

- Keeping children safe


If you have any worries at all, and feel you cannot speak to an adult, then ask to see one of these children and they will help you.