Winter Weather Information

In the event of a snow day:

As we now have online learning, we will move as quickly as possible to this, but usually on snow days, teachers will have left home and will be trying to get into school.

It has been many years since we last had a snow day.

If, in the unlikely event we need to close school, Mrs Gohil will email and text parents to let you know.

In bad weather, it is more likely that we will lock all gates and expect everyone to come to the front entrance.  We do this, as it is not possible to make all pathways into school safe.  We will text you in advance so that you know you must come to the front entrance.  When the floor is slippy, please note the gritted paths and stick to these for your safety.


Please make sure you have given us the correct phone numbers and email addresses for messages to come through to.