Look what we have been learning

Christmas celebration

Look at our stick people.

It was a lovely day for making windmills with Mrs Hardy. The children found that if they put in under the hand dryer it spun very fast. They were very excited to go outside in the wind and watch their windmills spin. 

Theo found out that his windmill spun under the hand dryer.

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The children have shown an interest in shadows, so we made some puppets on sticks and used torches to create them.

Remembrance Day

Celebrating Diwali

We left the pumpkin over the half term break and the children were interested to see how it had changed.

Reception have been exploring the inside of a pumpkin. They collected the seeds to take home and grow there own. Later in the week the children will observe what happens to the pumpkin as it decays.

We have been on a squirrel watch. We left nuts out for them and waited.

Look what we saw...

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