Wellbeing and Mental Health

Pastoral Teacher and Family Support

Mrs Otter works closely with children in need of extra support in school, through 1:1 or small group work in times of need. 

You will often find her with children in our school garden, tending to the vegetables, the pond or the beautiful flowers we have growing there. 

If you think you need some support, Mrs Otter is there for you too.  Please do not hesitate to contact school and ask for her.  She will get back to you very quickly to help. 


Mrs Otter works with families who need extra support with looking after their children; who have family members who are not well; who need support with budgeting or food to feed the family; with mental health issues; bereavement counselling for children and children who are carers, just as a small example of her work. 

At Griffin Park we like early intervention; helping families and children before the problem gets any bigger. So please get in touch. 

Wellbeing Award for Schools

School is working towards recognition for the good work we do with our school community on the mental health and wellbeing for all of our children, families and staff. 

We will keep you updated on our progress here. 

Mental Health First Aider

Mrs Berry is our trained Mental Health First Aider.  She is able to support staff in school who need help. We believe that looking after all of the adults in and out of school, means that our children will feel more secure.