Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

If you need to speak to somebody in school with a query or concern please contact Mrs. Clayton-Young.

Picture 1 Mrs. Clayton-Young Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs. Edmondson Deputy/SENCO


Teachers 1 Mrs. Aspinall - Reception
Teachers 2 Miss Astley - Year 5/SLT
Teachers 3 Mrs. Holden - Year 1
Teachers 4 Mrs. Berry - Year 2/SLT
Teachers 5 Mr. Howarth - Year 4/SLT
Teachers 6 Miss Lynch - Year 3
Teachers 7 Mrs. Otter - Pastoral Care
Teachers 8 Mr. Page - Year 6/Forest School Leader
Teachers 9 Mrs. Patel - Nursery

Teaching Assistants

 Teaching Assistants 1 Ms. Cameron-Clarke
 Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs. Hardy
 Teaching Assistants 3 Miss Miller
 Teaching Assistants 4 Miss Mohamed
 Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs. Morris
 Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs. Rushmore
 Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs. Thompson
 Teaching Assistants 8 Miss Yates

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mrs. Gohil Office Manager
Support Staff 2 Mrs. Furnell Admin Assistant
Support Staff 3 Mr. Waddington Site Supervisor

Welfare Staff