Star of the Week

Each week children from Reception to Year 6 are chosen by their teacher to be Star of the Week.  This can be for many different reasons; good behaviour; an excellent piece of work; understanding something tricky; kindness and lots more.  The children are very proud when they get Star of the Week. 

Children are currently awarded this in their classroom and a text is sent to their parent or carer to share the good news. 


Star of the Week 26.3.21

Our Stars of the Week for the week ending 26th March, 2021 are:



Year 1   Jessica: for a great improvement in reading and writing, and for trying her best all

             the time now.

Year 2   Jose: for working very hard with his reading and making great progress.

Year 3   Abeeha: for settling into her new school so beautifully

Year 5   Fatima: for helping others in class and for listening carefully

Year 6   Harun: for fantastic progress in  swimming this week. He started in armbands and

             ended by completing his 10 metres on his front and on his back