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ACTIVITY WEEK Day 3 - Learning about and making healthy dips


Important messages about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Important messages about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide 1

An amazing sequence, designed by themselves!

Still image for this video

Our fantastic drawstring bags made as our DT project

Developing our own sequences in gymnastics

Learning about the theories on the Solar System of Aristotle and Copernicus

Creative writing about Lemon Sherberts!

Science Week - Reversible and Irreversible changes experiments

Reading our stories to the Year 2 children.

Designing and building bridges in the style of WW1, using different types of truss.

Our geography trip into Blackburn town centre to see how the market has changed and the opinions of it.

Trip to Blackburn War Memorial to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Learning about factors. Using Arrays to find factors of a number

Our Prime Ministers Speeches (using modal verbs and relative clauses) to persuade young men to join the war effort.

Ww1 Grp3_1.mp3

Ww1 Grp2_1.mp3

Grp4 Ww1_1_1.mp3

Our WW1 silhouette art, using different mediums!

Some WW1 drama

Exploring different ways of investigating numbers

Maths investigations