Look what we have been learning about

Science Week!

For Science Week this year, Year 5 completed 4 different experiments across the week. These experiments were: 


  • The lifecycle of a caterpillar research
  • The 'river water' experiment - Filtration and Evaporation
  • Which parachute created the most air resistance?
  • Can we reverse the burning process?


In DT, the children learnt some simple sewing techniques with Mrs Rushmore before making their own pencil case out of fabric! 
In Maths, we have been looking at negative numbers by playing a Halloween based temperature game. We have also been using Mr. Bray's new interactive place value board to help us with 4-digit addition and subtraction. Finally, we looked at the very hard topic of Roman Numerals!
In English this week we looked at adding description into our writing and looked at a picture of a mysterious robot in a city setting. The children used their own imagination to tell a story of the setting and Ashley started his writing with - "Morning dawn, a robot roams the street with a mission. Number 28, an attack robot, controlled by a secret man who had a mission to destroy the rustic city".
In our class novel, The Wizard of Once, we have been acting out Freeze Frames so explain how each character feels throughout the story.
In Science, we have been looking at Earth and Space and we did an outdoor experiment on how day and night happens!
This term in PE, we have been doing football and fitness. In football, we have been learning how to pass and move with the ball. We've even been out in the rain! 
In Geography, we have been started looking at the continent of North America. We met the Horta family and looked at how their lives differed to ours!


We have started our Be Kind Challenge from the Premier League Primary Stars Programme. We looked at what is looks like for our body to be kind. We also set goals for the week of three tasks we could do to be kind to other people.