The children in pairs had an egg to take care of for the day. They had to decide which material would protect the egg the best. Some children chose wool because they said it was soft. Other wrapped it in a variety of materials. Other children's eggs cracked before they could wrap anything around it. 

Mother's day stay and play

We had a lovely day with our mums, dads, grandparents and aunties. It was beautiful weather and the children loved having their loved ones join them in their play. We had a picnic, made necklaces, played in the sand and water, looked at the ducklings and had a cake and a drink. 

We found a caterpillar...

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The children found a caterpillar in the garden. They were very careful not to harm it and even got it some leaves. They were very interested in its appearance and the way it moved. The children decided to move it to the mini-beast hotel. We looked at some non-fiction books about caterpillars .

How does it move?

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What does it look like?

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Singing songs !

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Star of the week

Well done Azan! You have worked hard to improve your reading. 

4th February 

Well done Winter! You are trying your best in everything you do. 

17th January 

Christmas play 2021

Sponsored welly walk 2021

What a perfect day for wearing wellies and the children completed there sponsor. Well done!