In Nursery we believe that a love of reading begins at a very young age. We are constantly sharing books with all the children during their sessions and we encourage you to do the same at home. Nursery children are able to choose a book as often as they wish to take home with them. Please do take the time to read with them daily and ask your children questions about the story you have read.

Thank you

Weekend Challenges

As you should all now be able to log on to Tapestry, I would like to set a challenge that you can add to your child’s learning journey. I will be setting a challenge every now and then as this helps us to get to know your child better and involves you more in their journey.


Challenge 1

This week’s challenge is to take a picture of something or someone that your child loves. This could be a person or a special toy or their favourite food. Please add this picture onto Tapestry and write a comment of what your child says about their special person/object and write a little bit yourselves about the special person/object.

For example: Mrs Patel’s favourite toy is her teddy bear. She says, ‘it’s very soft and cuddly.’


Challenge 2

As the leaves are turning a different colour now, your challenge is to collect as many different coloured leaves as you can, just one of each different colour and count how many leaves you collect. Please take a picture of your child with all the different leaves and comment where you found them and how many you have and any comments your child makes. You can use the title ‘Autumn Leaves’ for your observation.


Challenge 3

We would like to know what the children have been up to over the Christmas break. Please upload any pictures you took over the Christmas break of what you have been doing as a family with a brief description of the activity and your child’s comments. You can use the title ‘Our holiday fun’ for the observation.


Challenge 4

Next week is Book Week in school. Your challenge this weekend is to take a picture of your child with a book that they love and write a few comments that they say about the story. Please use the title “My favourite book.”