Look what we have been learning about

We visited Witton Park this week as part of our Geography lessons. We looked at the River Darwen and saw some features of a river.

We have LOVED practicing our Christmas production this year, Aladdin trouble. There has been so much time and effort put into it, by both children and staff. I couldn't be prouder of the amazing job they have done.

We made Christmas cookies this week. We designed and decorated them with icing and we enjoyed eating them afterwards!

We practiced life saving skills in our swimming lesson this week. It felt very strange swimming in our clothes!

We are GULP (Give Up Loving Pop) ambassadors and are on a challenge to limit sugary drinks for 21 days. We have been doing physical activity showing what happens when teeth start to decay.

In our final cooking session, we made Welsh cakes. We mixed all of the ingredients, rolled the dough and enjoyed our finished product! They have all promised to show you how to make them at home!

This week we have made Bread-ge-hogs in our D.T cookery sessions. We learnt how to knead and watched how the bread rises in the oven.

We have made fish fingers in our D.T lesson. We enjoyed fish finger sandwiches at the end and described it as appetising, fresh and peppery.

We have made vegetable cous-cous in D.T today. We learnt why different food groups are good for our bodies and we practiced our slicing and chopping skills.

In our history lessons, we have been looking at the Stone Age and we have written some questions that we would like to find out the answers to.

As part of our experience day, we have been painting autumnal landscapes and gathering a range of synonyms for the different colours we can find.

We completed a jigsaw of the U.K today and we added Blackburn onto it!

We had a dry talk from our swimming teacher Nicole today. We had lots of questions to ask her!