What is happening in our hub?

Hub meeting - 20th April 2024 - Playground Science training 


Michele Grimshaw delivered a playground science training session to the hub members. Schools were provided with bags and resources to start the sessions in schools. 


Hub training - 15th March 2024 - Science in my pocket/ resources handed out 


Hub meeting - 18th January 2024 - Resources/science in my pocket



Hub meeting - 12th October 2023 - Actions for the year/ Edina trust grant


Hub meeting - 22nd June 2023 - UV beads,/ 1001 invention/ STEM ambassadors/Science ambassador badges purchased / Actions for new academic year 


Hub meeting -  27th March 2023 - Science week preperation/Online STEM 


Hub meeting -  27th September 2022 - Actions for the year -  Looked at ‘My science club – the club with no limits!’ resource and we all agreed this would benefit all schools in delivering an after school science club. Michele brought owl pellets and the teachers dissected these. This was a really exciting activity for all staff and we  looked at ways we could provide this experience in our own schools. We will be using this activity in science week.  We then looked at the resources 72 seasons.

Hub meeting - 28th June 2022: 1pm. – Identified resources needed for the playground science (These have now been purchased) 


Hub meeting -  24th March 2022:  1 – 3pm – Outdoor education using the science trails book and looking at the playground science. Using the outdoor s to follow one of the activities.



Science Assembly October 2021 


As part of the PSTT cluster we received a science assembly today, this was delivered by a fantastic team from the Bristol chemlabs CETL School of Chemistry- University of Bristol.

Below is just some of the wonderful feedback we received from the children;

Hub meeting - 21st October 2021


In our first hub meeting this term we looked at a range of materials to develop science within our hub schools. We are keen to provide children with science activities at play times and lunch times and we are looking at a range of resources to support this. 



Next science hub meeting in February 2022