Bethany Family Choir

The Bethany Family Choir visited us on Monday, 16th October.

They told us lots of interesting information about their school, which is based in Tanzania. There are around 370 children who go there, two-thirds of whom are girls because they are more vulnerable. A lot of Bethany children are orphans, so almost 200 of them sleep in dormitories at the school too. A typical day lasts from 7am until 4pm, with breaks in between for breakfast and lunch, and both boys and girls are expected to carry out chores such as sweeping the floors and carrying 20 litre buckets of water on their heads!

The girls and their headteacher, along with a volunteer who helps them visited us and talked about their lives at the school, as well as singing some songs using a drum as an instrument. The girls said they know hundreds of songs, because they start learning them when they are very young!

Bethany is a Christian organisation and for more information, please visit their website:

Bethany Family Choir visit