Look at what we have been learning.

Festive feelings..

The children have been so busy this week, they have been creating patterns out of coloured blocks, pompoms, buttons and lots more. They have become so confident recognising patterns, that they have even recognised patterns in our classroom!


The children have also enjoyed reading our new Winter/Christmas themed stories in our sleigh, they have been reading to each other and using teddys as props to enhance their reading experiences. 


The classroom has also become very dark, as the children have been using torches to create a starry night sky in the igloo. 

The children have been learning about the changes in season from Autumn to Winter. They have been creating penguin houses using cotton wool, making snowman in the playdough and baking rocky road. The children have also been involved in interactive games during their mathematics session, ordering/counting gingerbread men. As an addition to our room we also have a home corner, the children have been learning how to answer the phone and cutting up fruits. 

Children In Need

Children In Need

The children have been learning all about Children in Need. We have learnt that it is okay that everyone is different, we do not have the same facial features, bodies, ages or families. We have looked at Pudsey Bear and why he has so many spots. While the children have been learning about this, we have also engaged in a cooking activity of making spotty buns. They enjoyed making and decorating their buns. 

Forest School

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During our Forest School experience we engaged in singing songs using musical instruments Louise had provided for us. We danced and played to five songs, laughing, smiling and singing along.

Forest School - The Gruffalo

Forest School

The children have been involved in Forest School. We chose the book 'The Gruffalo' as the children had previously read this at nursery. During forest school, we read the story in all of the leaves, went on a nature walk, roasted marshmallow's, danced in the forest and even played in the sinking mud. We loved every moment of our experience!

The children have been learning about Remembrance Day. We have had a very creative week, making our Remembrance window display using handprints, making poppies with paint, using tissue paper to create our own poppy badges and finally baking poppy cookies using icing sugar and milk chocolate buttons. 

While outdoors the children have had lots of fun making marks with chalk, they have started to write the first letters of their names. We have also been creating music outdoors, this links to our phonics topic of instrumental sounds. 

Inside the classroom the children have been making happy/sad faces in the playdough, writing their names in shaving foam, copying house patters using lollipop sticks and cutting up lettuce to support their development of scissor control. 

Diwali Festival

The children have been learning about the Diwali celebration and Mrs Gohil came in to talk about the festival of light and answer some of the children's questions. The children also made some diva lamps and Mrs Gohil told us the story of Rama and Sita and explained why lights are so important to Hindu's. Diwali celebrations began on Thursday 4th November. The children showed an interest in the foods that are eaten during this festival, therefore, Miss Weall brought in examples for the children to try. 

The children have been learning all about Halloween this week. We have been making chain decorations for our classroom, spiders, webs and painting ornaments in the creative area.  Outdoors we have been on a pumpkin hunt, learning about positional language. An example of this is ''the pumpkin is inside of the tunnel.''  Once the children had found all of our pumpkins we took them inside so that the children could carve them. 

Looking For Signs of Autumn